January 2021

It’s been seasonably cold this month, with some snow, but nothing to get excited about. January in Maine. Last night it was -6° F (-21°C). More and bigger snow expected in early February.

In one of my numerous walks through the woods, I discovered two really nice large white pines. One was about 24″ in diameter, the other just over 30″. Looks like at least one 16″ clear log in each.

Two projects in the shop this month: the first was a wall shelf, as featured in Fine Woodworking magazine issue #284, the one with two drawers. The pulls are small river stones, drilled, with threaded shafts.

The shelf turned out well. I only wish that I hadn’t shown the prototype with the stone pulls. They are a pain to bore with a diamond bit, and besides, there are so many more and better options for pulls. Oh well, it is the last one.

The next project was the small wall cabinet with the carved door.

The drawer pull inside this cabinet is flush, and carved directly into the front. One of several options for carved pulls that I’ve used.

The new, smaller shop is coming along nicely. The floor is in, one new window, and one replacement, and everything is insulated. Waiting for drywall, which may take a while.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2021

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