March 2021

March is always a blah month, not really winter and not yet spring. Mostly mud.

And leftover snow, behind the shop.

On the other hand, spring is on the way. The red-winged black birds have returned, and the crocuses are up.

I was busy in the shop. Not as busy as usual, but enough to keep out of trouble. Three pieces went to a customer in New York. The re-configured 15 drawer chest, re-born as an 8-drawer chest, was completed last month. In addition, I made one of the new stools and a music stand.

I still have a few copies of The Shaker Legacy left.

The music stand was one of my first designs, and it’s been years since I made one. It’s always a pleasure to build something new or something I haven’t had a chance to build for a long time. The hollow shaft adjusts by about 15″ for standing or sitting. The most challenging part is the intertwined parabolas.

That’s it for another month. Looking forward to a good April. And check my Instagram page if interested.

C.H. Becksvoort © 2021

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