April 2021

April wasn’t too bad this year. Rain, mud and flowers, a decent trade-off. Somewhat cool, but that makes the daffodils last longer.

In the shop I had two big projects going. Two wall cabinets, one Shaker inspired, the other a Shaker reproduction. The first, one was cherry, had two drawers, and two shelves. The four panel door had quarter round moldings around the flat panels.

The two drawers had small Shaker mushroom knobs, recessed into a drilled and carved circle. By customer request, the shelves were adjustable by means of saw-tooth shelf supports.

The maple cabinet was a copy of a ca. 1830 wall cabinet from the Harvard, MA Shaker community. This one had a clear finish and two adjustable shelves, also with saw-tooth supports. Both had the spinners integrated into the door stiles.

Two projects were all I could manage. I’ve slowed down a bit, and find it nice to take a break now and again.

BTW, I still have a glass top coffee table waiting to find a home, $2,250., plus shipping.

That’s it from a small shop on a dirt road in Maine.

C.H.Becksvoort © 2021

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