June 2021

Summer arrived in Maine, with birds, flowers and warm weather. In the garden, the small, but fragrant lemon daylilies were in full bloom.

And, as usual, the peonies put on a magnificent show.

In mid June we had our annual (except for last year) Big Tree and Beer tour of the Portland area. On this particular trip, we saw a huge red oak, ginkgo, redwood, tulip poplar, a stand of old white pines and a massive beech.

I also had a Fine Woodworking photo shoot at the shop. This time it was patterns for various furniture parts, mostly Shaker trestle legs, round stand legs, lamp parts and few other items.

Otherwise, not much else happened in the shop. The bulk of my time was spent at the other house, working. The only shop time I got was milling pine for moldings, window stools, jamb extensions, brackets for an 18′ walk in closet, stairs, door jambs, and a boxed beam.

That’s it for June. I’ll keep you posted as to further progress in and around the shop.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2021

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