Fall & Winter 2021

I’ve been remiss for the past three months. With the fact that we spent two years fixing up a house we were going to retire in, then got cold feet and sold it, fixing up the present house, rearranging the shop, and a multitude of other small impediments, it’s time to catch up.

Thinking back to September, it was still summer then. Flowers were still in full bloom.

I was busy with a variety of small items. The big project for the month was a 5-drawer chest, in cherry as usual.

October had quite a few things going on. Again we had the annual Maine Crafts Weekend, which was very well attended. Seems to get better each year. I met with many friends customers and interested woodworkers, sold some tools, a few showroom pieces, and signed lots of books.

Here is a better photo of the small Shaker chest (next to the 5-drawer chest in the previous picture), only 19″ long, with a single full length drawer. It may find its way in FWW in the coming year. A really fine looking piece in mostly quarter sawn white pine.

In November, the big project was a 6 drawer chest. This piece is about the size of a blanket box and is low enough to sit on, yet has ample storage.

Winter started in December, with our first snow. It wasn’t much but a precursor of things to come.

During the month, I built a few small pieces, mostly gifts, and with a smidgen of spare time, made a bedside case for myself, a prototype for future pieces, if it finds favor. Only 24″ high, it has two drawers, a magazine shelf and an op[en section for books. The carved flush pulls are one of my favorites.

I also made a few major changes in the shop. I got rid of my previous dust collector, attached only to the planer. Instead, I got an Oneida Super Cell, hooked up to the planer, jointer, disc sander, bandsaw, table saw, and router table. The lathe will have to fend for itself. The new system works extremely well, with dust gates at all machines, the shop has never been so clean. I’m severely pleased.

So ends another year. In 2021 I built 28 new pieces, bringing my total created in this shop since 1986 to 930.

The sun has been out and things are looking up. Here’s hoping for a happy, healthier 2022.

C.H. Becksvoort © 2021

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