February 2022

February was a slow month. Not as cold as January, but we had our share of wind, rain, snow, and ice. We had a big snows storm early on, the a few smaller ones, mixed with rain. It’s always so nice right after a storm, on my daily walk thorough the woods. On the other hand, it means cleaning the driveway.

Also, all that snow on the shop roof has to come down eventually.

Things were slow in the shop as well. I’m no longer the workaholic I used to be, and have been taking things a bit slower. I had a “need it this week” order for a small table. A maple base, and an antique pine, single board top.

Finally, I took the time to build a small piece I’ve wanted to do for several years. The original is on the cover of Shaker Design, Out Of This World edited by Jean Burks (Yale University Press, © 2008). It’s a small pine hanging cupboard,white pine, with a single door and 10 small drawers. I tracked down the owner who graciously gave me the overall dimensions.

I scaled all other dimensions from the photo as best I could and made one design change. Instead of the small metal hanger plate, I substituted the more traditions hanging back to accommodate the Shaker pegs.

I’m not sure what it was used for originally, but I can see several uses for this small, interesting pieces. Now all it need is 200 years of patina.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2022

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