April, May 2022

April slid by almost unnoticed, and May is about gone, too. Time to keep you up to date.

April started with a wonderful trip to Portsmouth NH, to hear the Cowboy Junkies. Met a few old friends there, had a good dinner, and got to chat with three of the band members.

Most of the month was taken up with a home project. Lest you think that all I do is build new cherry furniture, in reality there are also a few not so fun projects. One of the worst was to turn a wasted, old, dirty, and useless space under out stairs into a storage closet. Our 1850 house was probably built without a square of a level. Working on it is always a challenge.

Old brick, old lath, and old wood, none of which was straight or level, made for some interesting work. I shimmed and re-studded the area as best I could, then installed plywood walls, and shelves. It turned out pretty well, but took way too long, with countless trips forth and back to the shop.


In May I got back into the shop. What a pleasure. I made a six foot arch table, and a small thank you project. The biggest challenge in the shop was a lamp shade. With nine, 5 “x 10″ spruce panels, each .03” thick, making a flaring cherry frame took some thinking, and a lot of math, and careful layout. The first version did not turn out well, but the second one came out just fine.

Mean while in the garden, late April brought wild flowers and blooming bulbs. Bloodroot, trout lilies and daffodills.

Just before the end of the month, the dark purple lilac flowered out. Wonderful smell.

I’ll try not to skip the June post.

C. H. Becksvoort©2022

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