June 2022

It’s pleasure to spend the month of June in Maine. Everything is fresh, green, and in bloom. I may show some of the same flowers every year, but they never cease to amaze and astound. The garden bed with the Siberian irises and the lemon day lilies is one of my favorite views.

This year we bought a small mountain laurel to plant at the edge of the woods. It seems to like it there.

The end of June is also strawberry time. This year was especially good, since we practiced “no-mow” May, in which I successfully avoided cutting the lawn for over a month. We had a nice crop of the small, wild strawberries. And as usual, we went to a local farm to pick our own. In the past we’ve frozen some, but they get mushy and don’t taste as good, so this year we ate only fresh: strawberries on biscuits, ice cream and even breakfast cereal.

I treated myself to a new chainsaw. Battery powered, rechargeable, with a 5Ah battery it works great. It’s quiet, too. Cut up two trees and a 22 stemmed bush, all on one charge.

There were a few other projects going on in the shop. I built a case for another Shaker 10-drawer wall cabinet, for a Fine Woodworking article. I’ll make the drawers during the next photo shoot.

I also started a floor lamp. Turned the base out of a plank of 12/4 cherry just over 12″ wide. The post, with a cord tunnel down the inside, is being turned by a friend, since it is 48″ tall and my lathe can only handle 38″.

The biggest project was rebuilding a queen size pencil post bed. Since planning to retire, I got rid of many of my jigs and fixtures, figuring I’d never do another pencil post bed. It turned out to be quite the involved project.

You can read all about the fun I had with this bed (as well as some of the other highlights of the month) on my Instagram page. I’m not sure what the next month will bring. However, were taking a week off and heading north east, maybe even to Canada.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2022

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