April 2019

April, as expected, was pretty lousy weather-wise.  Mostly snow and mud.Then rain and mud.  Finally, some sun, and the mud began to recede, and the dirty snowbanks started to disappear.  The early bulbs started to blossom: crocuses and daffodils. Spring at last.I didn’t get too much accomplished in the shop, because I missed two weeks of work with the flu.  However, I did get that king size pencil post bed oiled and assembled.  I also managed to build a small outdoor bench.  It was made out of cumaru also known as Brazilian teak (Dipteryx odorata) a wood so hard, I hope I never have to deal with it again.  However, it is extremely decay resistant, and will probably outlive me.The high point of the month was the annual Fine Woodworking Live 2019 gathering, held again this year at the Southbridge Conference Center in Southbridge, MA.  It draws woodworkers from all over the country, and features a stellar line-up of presenters.  This year we had Matt Bickford, Brian Boggs, Danielle Rose Byrd, Michael Fortune, Peter Galbert, Chris Gochnour, Garrett Hack, Nancy Hiller, Beth Ireland, Rolland Johnson, Joshua Klein, Tom McLaughlin, Mike Pekovich, Christopher Schwarz, Bob Van Dyke, and myself.  I gave the opening presentation on the Herbie Project.The Saturday evening banquet key note speaker was Miguel Goméz-Ibáñez, president of the North Bennet Street School.  His work at growing and improving the school, as well as creating a substantial scholarship endowment was truly awe inspiring.

All in all it was a really great weekend, well organized by the staff of FWW, informative by all of the presenters, and a chance to meet and chat with folks I only see once  a year.  This year there was also a really fine exhibit of student work.  I was so busy, I only posted a few photos on my Instagram page.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2019