Every now and again, I’ll have a special piece that won’t fit the showroom.  Maybe a prototype, or piece built for a FWW article,  that hasn’t found a home yet, and sometimes even tools. It is always just one piece, at a greatly reduced price.  First person to send a check gets it, and when it’s gone it’s gone.

New 40″ round table.  I’ve got an extra, so instead of a $3,000. table this one goes for a mere $600.  First person to respond gets it.  Pick up here at my shop.

The table actually has four adjustable levelers at the bottom of the legs.    Customer did not find them attractive.  Got a crooked floor?  This is the right table for you.



Library card catalog.  This is a 5-part unit, oak, 52 H x 32 W x 16 D.  Each unit has 10 drawers.  Finished top, plus a few extra drawers.  $1,600.  I’d consider selling units separately for $400. each. Pick up here in Maine.