It’s time to reduce the pieces in the showroom.  Wonderful pieces at half the price.  Shipping not included.  Better yet, stop by and pick it up yourself!

Glass top coffee table $1,125.

Carved alphabet board,8″ x 10′, $550.

Northern light, $2,425.

Angel Gabriel weather vane, 23K gold, 74″ long, $3,925.

Ring table light, $575.

Ebonized lectern, $1,100.

8-arm chandelier, for wax candles or battery LEDs, $825. One of a kind.

My craft show booth is for sale! Wood frame, mortised and tenoned, with four bolts for the front top arch. the booth is 8 x 10 with white fireproof curtain material. $300. plus shipping, or pick it up[ here in Maine.