Every now and again, I’ll have a special piece that won’t fit the showroom.  Maybe a prototype, or piece built for a FWW article,  that hasn’t found a home yet, and sometimes even tools. It is always just one piece, at a greatly reduced price.  First person to send a check gets it, and when it’s gone it’s gone.

New 40″ round table.  I’ve got an extra, so instead of a $3,000. table this one goes for a mere $600.  First person to respond gets it.  Pick up here at my shop.




Library card catalog.  This is a 5-part unit, oak, 52 H x 32 W x 16 D.  Each unit has 10 drawers.  Finished top, plus a few extra drawers.  $1,600.  I’d consider selling units separately for $400. each. Pick up here in Maine.