In May 2009, Chris Becksvoort was honored with the Master Craft Artist Award, given by the Maine Crafts Association … “In recognition of his excellent craftsmanship, inspired design, singular voice, and contributions to the field of craft.”


Spend A Year Working With Chris Becksvoort.
At a woodworking seminar recently, I was asked if I’d ever consider taking an apprentice. After over 30 years of working alone, that’s a tough question. I value my privacy, I enjoy the music of my choice, and I appreciate leaving a set up on a machine and having it there when I return. Most of all, love the solitude.

So, on the spur of the moment, I replied, half in jest, “Sure, if you build me a new shop, you can spend a year working with me.” No takers yet, but the offer stands.


2018 Events  & Exhibit Schedule

Fine Woodworking Live 2018, April 20-22, Southbridge, MA. The place to be if you’re interested in woodworking.  There will be lectures, demonstrations,  workshops, food  and fun, all in the same building.  Meet the folks at FWW, as well as other noted woodworkers.  It’s great fun.  Sold out last year, so sign up fast.